Dr Roldan-Valadez Diagnostic Radiologist
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Dr. Ernesto Roldan-Valadez Homepage. Diagnostic Radiologist, Clinical Investigator in MRI and PET/CT. Mexico City.

About Dr. Roldan-Valadez.

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I am a Diagnostic Radiologist and Clinical Investigator. I had my Medical education at the Medical School of Acapulco city, the National Institute of Nutrition in Mexico city and Medica Sur Hospital & Clinical Foundation and got my MD and Licensure in Mexico in 1997, and my Radiologist Licensure in 2006. Into my medical experiences are my work in a research protocol with patients with chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis caused by the hepatitis C virus and temporal lope epilepsy. I was a 1st year PhD student at the State University of New York during 2000-2001. Currently, I am preparing papers in the area of Clinical MRI using 3.0 Tesla MRI.

Apart from medicine my interests are faith in God, transforming our lives in a better ones, computers, websurfing , macrobiotic food, aerobics, dancing (salsa & merengue music), fitness, photography , history and music. Things that fascinate me are astronomy (the planets,stars & galaxies), dolphins and whales, volcanoes, the human brain, the Noble Prizes , OM , yoga & meditation, exotic wines, classy cars, lovely women, high mountains and deep blue oceans and beauty in all its forms and dimensions.

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