Dr. Ernest Roldanīs Photo Gallery 1
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Dr. Roldan's Photo Gallery !!

This is a special page I did for my little princess Natalia. Our destinies have crossed now and hopefully ours could be a lifetime relation. I hope you enjoy them ...!!

My little princess, the most important person for me.... These words may seem overacting, but for those who think have found the partner of theirs lifes, I am sure they will understand me...

Natalia, is currently living in Karkhov, working as a financier and expert in computerts.

Another cute photo from her.

Does anybody want to play Chess? ...This beautiful woman is not available guys, so single men avoid writing ;-))).

Gallery 1: My Favorite photos

Gallery 2: Professors and friends

Gallery 3: more Friends !!

Gallery 4: Acapulco city.

Gallery 5: My Parents

Gallery 6: Childhood


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