Dr. Ernest Roldanīs Photo Gallery 2
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Dr. Roldan's Photo Gallery 2

These are some pictures of Professors I met during my training and some of my patients in the HCV protocol.

Dr. Monte L. Anderson. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale

Dr. Ray F. Keate. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale.

Dr. Santoyo. Medical School of Leon City. Mexico.

Dr. Nahum Mendez-Sanchez, MD,PhD.

When I won the 3rd. place of a painting contest, Dr. Donato Alarcon, Director of the National Institute of Nutrition gave me a diploma, 1995.

Diaz-Ruiz Family. 1998.

Hela Klipstein Houser-Briseņo. Painter. 1996.

Carlos Juncoīs Family and I. December 1996.

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