Dr. Ernest Roldanīs Photo Gallery 3
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Dr. Roldan's Photo Gallery 3!

More friends...!!

Susana Rodriguez. Chemist. Acapulco. 1993.

Yadira Otero Duarte. Accountant. 1996.

Dr. Tomas Cortes. Gastroenterologist. 1998.

Katerine Gomez. Librarian. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. 1996.

Lety Sanchez, my secretary. 1996.

I am here with Dr. Suresh Chari, Gastroenterology fellow from India. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale 1996.

Gaby Hernandez. Social Worker. 1996.

Guadalupe Loaeza and German Dehesa. Writers. 1997.

Jose Luis Cuevas. Painter in his Studio. December 1996.

Raul Anguiano. Mexican Painter. 1995.

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